When a website first started to be developed, website design and the search engine optimization or SEO already goes hand in hand. As often as it may seem, many of the business owners would still not think of including SEO in the conception of a website unless the website itself is completed. This should never be the case at all. The SEO design that you will be creating must not only intended to make an impression to your target audience, it should also be structured for the benefit of optimizing the search engine as well. It may just look like a one-time element or an on-page factor, but this will surely create a big impact on the search engine rankings once your website become live.


It is important that you focus on some particular factors when you first mapped you website design so that the visibility of it on the search engine will increase. You have to first know the initial domain name of your website. The best thing that you can do is to include the keywords within the website you have. For an instance, if you are selling widgets then you would surely want to have your focused keyword phrase for that product to be included within the domain of you site. Since it is already within your name, the chances of you site to be noticed by the search engine due to you top keywords will increase.


Next is to focus more on the body and headlines of the text where in you need to focus on the keywords that you want to target. Instead of choosing words and phrases that are for informational searches, why not choose something that are known to convert? If you want to try searching for you keywords then you can actually use a keyword research tool.


Please be reminded not to stuff your website with so many keywords. If you do this, aside from not being accepted by the search engine, it will not also be appealing to your prospective clients whom serves as the reason why you choose to host a quality website. It is okay for you to include you phrase or keyword on every one hundred words or so of the website copy. Please be assured that the natural flow is not affected.


Moreover, it would be best if your website is not too large or will not take too long for it to load. Click here to know more about SEO.



Lastly, but certainly not the least to be considered, is the relevance of the content of your website to what you are offering to your prospective clients. Fill your website with quality content that is not only original, but is also relevant and useful to the end-users. Learn how to maximize SEO with these steps in http://www.ehow.com/how_2341336_maximize-seo.html