You must be wondering why you still need to update your current company website when things are seemingly looking good these days. There is no question that you know your company website to appear outdated compared to those websites of your competition, but will it really matter if you have a compelling, credible website design, or not? You may be reluctantly seeking out a good design firm that will surely give your website a facelift, but still are not that convinced that new designs will actually generate better business. Even though you remain skeptic about it, you can actually find a lot of studies proving better customer traffic generated in well-built websites and with an improved user interface, there is a significant increase in conversion thereby generating new business at a really faster rate. You must be asking how as superficial as the website design of your company is able to make an impact to your business' success. There can be a lot of reasons as why a well-built website can attract potential customers and here are a few components that needs to be taken into consideration by your preferred web designer.


Good Navigation


The most important feature of a website is probably the navigation. The navigation part of a website is crucial as this can make or break the overall quality of it, most especially if that site contains several pages. Website navigation is what keeps the website organized because it includes putting navigation bar where necessary and labels that separates pages according to its topic or genre. Good navigation is important as this makes it a lot more easier to comprehend - making it ideal for every guest who may stumble across your website and letting them have an easier access throughout the entire website which might result to them staying longer while looking through everything you have in your site. When it comes to navigation, it should be more simplified rather than making it more complex so that you can actually attract more customers in a way that even typical grandma's can understand how it's done.


The Importance of Brand Consistency


If you have a logo in your company that you are using in all of your print materials like pamphlets and business cards, then that logo, imagery, brand colors, and brand messaging must also be applied and carried over into the design of your website. It is very important that you let your customers recognize your brand in every form of communication for them to be able to associate your brand position with the business you want to offer them. To learn more about SEO, visit


Producing Quality Content



The content of a website is indeed very important for a lot of reasons aside from it being the most effective way to communicate the promises and brand position of your company. Click here to get started!